Vinyl Print and Cut Transfer

Heat transfer - print and cut vinyl can produce impressive image quality and very durable printing on garment. It can be print on all textile included cotton, microfiber and etc… almost all sort of textiles are compatible. The process begins by printing the desired design onto heat transfer vinyl (HTV) using a specialized printer. The HTV is then cut out using a cutter, such as a vinyl cutter or a laser cutter, to create the desired shape. The cut vinyl is then applied to the fabric or other material using heat and pressure. The heat activates the adhesive on the back of the HTV, causing it to adhere to the fabric.


How does heat transfer print and cut vinyl works?

Print and cut vinyl heat transfer refers to printing graphics or image on tshirt using PU vinyl and a heat press machine. A shirt is placed in the machine, and vinyl is placed on top of the shirt. The heating unit is brought down over them for a prescribed time to print the image on the shirt.

Vinyl is a PU material which is more eco friendly and durable qualified by the textile industry. Printable vinyl transfer is use by most of the branded fashion company due to its excellent quality. It use large format inkjet printer or Print and Cut System with durable eco solvent ink for printing.

Below are the steps to heat press T-shirts after we receive the artwork from customer

a) Print the artwork into vinyl transfer paper by using high end print and cut system.
b) After print & cut, weed / peel off the unwanted area at the vinyl transfer paper
c) Place the vinyl on the tshirt
d) Heat press the tshirt by using heat press machine with appropriate temperature and pressure
e) Finally, heat Press tshirt is ready

Benefits of heat transfer print and cut vinyl

There are several benefits to using heat transfer print and cut vinyl as a method of creating custom designs on fabrics and other materials:

Versatility: Heat transfer print and cut vinyl can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and other materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon.
Durability: The designs created using heat transfer print and cut vinyl are durable and can withstand frequent washing and wear.
High-quality: The designs created using heat transfer print and cut vinyl are of high quality and can be very detailed and intricate.
Flexibility: It allows for a lot of design flexibility and easy to modify or change the design.
Eco-friendly: It is an eco-friendly method as it does not require the use of water, chemical or other harmful materials.

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