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We highly recommend you can email us your tshirt design, let us to propose the best printing methods that meet your requirement. In order for us to understand more on your requirement, it would be great if your can provide us both "artwork design" and "Sample tshirt layout" as well as your order quantity. With the above info, we can recommend the best printing solution and estimate the cost of your tshirt.

To ease your understanding, below are the sample for "artwork design" and "sample tshirt layout"

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A Polo T shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts are usually short sleeved. Polo t shirts (also call "Collar shirt") one of the common uniform for the company. Polo t-shirts are very popular for both casual wear and business wear. People can wear it to work, play sports, attend a  event or go on vacation.

Material for polo tshirt
Normally, there are 2 common type of fabric materials for collar t-shirt - lacoste and microfiber (jersey material). Lacoste fabric is more suitable for casual and business wear, where microfiber is suitable for business and sport wear. In tshirtngift, we supply both material, hence our customer can choose the suitable material their like.

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We are specialist in heat transfer printing for personalized Tshirts and gifts such as Mugs, button badges. We are located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Our team have great experience in printing solution included Heat Transfer, Silkscreen, Embroidery service which provided the best value to our customers.

Lacoste Material

Microfiber / Quick Dry Material

Heat Transfer:

Full color digital printing which allow gradient printing and precise color output
No block charges, No minimum order quantity required

Moderate reliability as compare to embroidery
Featuring more on sport feeling not corporate feeling.

Printing Method

We recommended "embroidery" logo for corporate shirt. However, heat transfer printing is also one of the current trend as it suitable for full color with gradient printing. Now a day, most company's logo are design with full color plus "3D feel", therefore heat transfer logo printing is the most suitable printing method. There is pros and cons for both embroidery and heat transfer. Below are the comparisons.


Professional finishing and is the most common method for corporate tshirt
Long lasting, can be wash repeatedly.
Work well for simple logo and delivery professional feel.

Might not achieve precise color as it is thread stitching, the color are depend on the available thread color.
Color gradients and shadows cannot be achieved with thread.
Small details may need to be simplified or removed.
Block charges needed, hence not suitable for low quantity order

Heat Transfer Printing Position
Embroidery Printing Position
Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification. You may email to tshirtngift@gmail.com
T-shirt size
Custom made Polo collar shirt

Should you need custom made polo instead of readymade polo? Custom made polo shirt allow flexible design or mix and match fabric color that close to corporate color. In Tshirtngift, we provide complete collar tshirt solution to our value customers. Feel free to share with us know your requirement, we will provide the best solution that meet your expectation.