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A towel is a piece of absorbent fabric used for drying or wiping a body or a surface. Everyone use towels on a daily basis as you can imagine towels is also one of the great promotional gifts. The current market presents different varieties of towels. In Malaysia, the common towels consist of "Hand towel" and "Bath towel". Of course, there are sizes different between these 2 towels

Hand towel
Common size: 14 inch x 30 inch
+/- 10% different, subject from different manufacturer

Bath towel
Common size: 20 inch x 40 inch
+/- 10% different, subject from different manufacturer

Hand Towel
Bath Towel
Embroidery is best method for add logo or wording on the towel. It make the towel look excellent and become the great promotional gifts. It is highly recommend for corporate marketing event, sport event to promote company's branding.