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Tshirtngift is the one-stop solution for you to create personalized T-shirts printing, Corporate t-shirts printing, mugs printing, button badges printing, gifts and other customized apparel.
For Mug Printing Order

Provide your detail included
a)   Name & Contact
b)   Mailing address
c)    Mug type (White mug or Color mug or Magic mug)
d)   Quantity

Submit your artwork by follow the design guideline.
Send above detail to "" and we will provide quotation within 3 working days.
Contact: 012-377 9540 (Mr. Euvin Lam)      Email:
We deliver your tshirts & gifts within promised schedule.
We are the direct printing company & manufacturer ensure our products are at BEST QUALITY
Corporate / Company Order
Personal Order
Think of create a unique gift for your love one? Need small quantity (even 1 unit)? Yes, here is the right place to create a personalized gifts 

Looking for custom tshirt, uniform for company event usage? With quantity order and expected delivery date? Request official quotation from us?

Personal Order
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